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Clients & Projects

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Since founding KK Clear Communications in 2020, I've had the honor and privilege to work with the following clients. Plain language assets created as part of our work together are proprietary to the client.

Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology

Participant Engagement Portal (PEP)

  • Created a branded, mobile-friendly, expandable website for Alliance clinical trial participants that empowers them to:

    • Learn more about their trial and future clinical trials that may interest them

    • Receive trial updates and results

    • Access resources that may be helpful through their cancer treatment

    • Complete PEP surveys that compliment Alliance research

    • Collaborated with design partner on PEP branding, including the PEP logo and overall tone, look and feel of PEP assets

  • Developed user-focused, visually appealing content that:​​

    • Effectively and simply communicates trial-related information​

    • Enhances user autonomy that enables participants to explore content relative to their experience

    • Engages users with branded visual assets, including icons, infographics, flowcharts, process sliders, etc. 

  • Recommended best practices and proven strategies to:

    • Use plain language and clear communication to enhance readability and health literacy

    • Transcreate an equivalent Spanish-language site 

  • Assets include:​

    • Mobile-friendly websites​ in English and Spanish

    • Text and email welcome messages and reminders for PEP surveys

    • Survey introduction and instructions

    • Thank-you pop-ups with next-step recommendations after survey completion

    • Get PEP! informational brochure 

    • Participant contact card (enrollment information)

MITRE Corporation

Sara Alert Communications Team

  • Created plain language communication assets to improve and enhance use of Sara Alert for both consumer and professional (public health) audiences. Sara Alert is an innovative digital tool that helps local, state and national public health units track and stop the spread of harmful diseases, like COVID-19.  

  • Simplified communication for consumers and public health staff around:

    • Symptom reporting

    • Isolation and exposure monitoring

    • Referral to medical care

  • Assets include:

    • Tool overviews and FAQs

    • Infosheets and handouts

    • User and quick start guides and scripts for public health staff enrolling consumers in Sara Alert

    • Communications toolkit for public health staff

Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF)

Case Management | Co-Pay Assistance Program | Financial Aid Funds

  • Created new plain language assets to improve communication with patients and families seeking PAF services. These include:

    • Case management services that address quality of care, access to care, cost of care, and health insurance (or no health insurance) coverage

    • Co-pay and financial aid services that help ease financial stress related to medical treatment to enable patients and families focus on recovery without worrying about costs.  

  • Focused on simplifying and enhancing readability to help consumers:

    • Understand program requirements

    • Complete and submit program applications and medical expenses for reimbursement

  • Assets include:

    • Hard copy correspondence with clients, including approval letters; reminder and follow-up letters; and denial and account closure letters

    • Welcome and information packets

    • Program disclaimers and client authorizations

    • Forms, including personalized fax covers; expense reimbursement; and electronic fund transfer set up



Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)

Co-Pay Assistance Program

  • Created plain langue communication assets to increase use of this critical LLS program that helps patients and families pay for cancer-related medical care

  • Focused on simplifying and enhancing readability to help consumers:

    • Understand program requirements

    • Use the online program portal

    • Complete and submit program applications and medical expenses for reimbursement

  • Assets include:

    • Program overviews and FAQs on the LLS website (to be published in 2022)

    • Online portal copy and user guides

    • Email and hard copy correspondence

    • Welcome and information packets

    • Program disclaimer and patient authorizations

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